TREMONT is a second generation custom homebuilding company that has been crafting beautifully appointed residences and exceptional development projects in the Denton area and surrounding communities since 1985.  TREMONT specializes in high-end quality custom homes designed and built to the specifications of each individual buyer.  TREMONT is an award-winning industry leader recognized for excellence in all aspects of the homebuilding process.

Having grown up in the business, Jim Strange offers extensive knowledge and a unique understanding of the building process – beginning with creative home design and plans, through construction and into overall project management.  With a B.S. in Accounting from Texas A&M University, Jim Strange has a solid understanding of financial management and works closely with the customer to closely track their investment.  Services are provided as “cost-plus” so that the customer can approve, firsthand, all expenditures.  Jim Strange has established a reputation for integrity and unparalleled quality in creating homes that combine luxury and elegance with perpetual investment value. 

TREMONT customizes each and every home from concept to move-in with the features and specifications requested by the owner.  Every home is truly custom designed with careful consideration paid to every detail.  TREMONT guides each client through the design process with an experienced architect to ensure that all goals are achieved and expectations met.  In addition, Colette Strange offers interior design services to partner with the client in the overall selection process.  Her expertise, good eye and knowledge of design resources can ensure that the overall vision for the home is achieved.

Our building program is not restricted to geographical boundaries.  If you have specific location needs outside of the Denton area, please contact us.  We will work with you to meet those needs.